Our Space

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For the first time we provide a facility that contains a clear progressive fitness journey.

No matter what your current fitness level, aspirations, or motivations.

By showcasing internationally recognised CrossFit trainers & coaches, Bootcamp, Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit Lite, CrossFit Kids, moving on towards athlete specific programming, nutrition, competitive classes, and seminars. We completely remove the glass ceiling on potential. Our facility expands and contracts with the need of the individual client.

Our facility is the largest and best equipped CrossFit and gym facility in Europe. We cover 15,000 sq/ft with over £750,000 worth of investment.

Reebok CrossFit affiliate / Eleiko Certified Training Facility / Official gym80 Training Centre

The Gym

– over 60 exclusively styled gym80 strength machines.
– Eleiko Pro dumbbells
– x5 Olympic Benches
– x7 weights benches
– Plate Loaded machines
– Cable machines
– x 2 dedicated Eleiko lifting platforms.
– Eleiko Powerlifting bars and discs

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Main Hall

– 16.5m Eleiko CrossFit rig with 26 pull-up bars and 12 squat stands
– Over 100 Eleiko bars & 500 bumper plates.
– 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg Olympic Bars
– x5 Eleiko lifting platforms and Eleiko Competition weightlifting discs.
– x 5 Eleiko half racks.
– x 40 Eleiko mobility technique bars
– Eleiko Competition Kettlebells (8-32kg)
– Eleiko hex dumbbells.
– Deadlift Hex bars.
– Dynamax Wall balls.
– x30 plyo boxes
– x8 4m climbing ropes
– x20 gym rings
– x4 GHDs

Side Hall

– Rogue CrossFit rig with accessories.
– x 2 RCFT peg boards.
– 20m Sled push/pull turf.
– x 2 Rogue Yoke.
– x2 Rogue Dog Sleds
– Eleiko bars & bumpers.
– 16,20,24” Boxes.
– x4 Concept 2 SkiErg.
– gym80 Glute Builder

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Cardio Suite

– x 5 Running Machines including x2 Technogym Skill Mills
– x 4 Watt Bikes.
– x 8 Assault Bikes.
– x 15 Concept 2 Rowers.
– Stairmaster Step Mill
– 20sq/m stretch area


– Social area with bean bags, sofa seating and TV
– Bag drop frames for over 100 bags
– Indoor cycle storage
– Male/Female – Dry changing facilities and x80 lockers.
– Male/Female – Shower/wet changing facilities.
– Excellent coffee from the Ouseburn Coffee Company
– Refreshments / Protein bars.

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